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Born and raised on the San Francisco Peninsula, Joey Oliva returns home to the city by the bay after nearly a decade in New York City, where he graduated from Fordham University and worked in the advertising and marketing industries for the commercial theatre industry. After a brief tenure in Los Angeles working in advertising, Joey Oliva returned to his roots and joins the family business as a fifth generation San Francisco Area Realtor.

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Beth Anne G.

I cannot recommend Joey enough when selling your home. His incredible marketing savvy (from years as a working professional in the industry) and ability to hone in on a targeted market/buyer for our home was unparalleled. We were able to get our desired price, no doubt a result of his fabulous marketing plan and ability to carry it out with us knowing each and every step and feedback along the journey.

What My Clients Say

Dr. Brian M.

When we began looking for a home with Joey, he provided us with excellent service every step of the way. He ‘previewed’ properties for us without hesitation, knowing we were two busy medical professionals and our time was valuable. We were able to find our perfect home after a week of looking due to Joey’s incredible service and offer-writing know-how.

Richard M.

Upon listing out home, we knew we were asking on the higher-side of the market for what it was. We were hesitant to list at such a high-price point, but lo and behold, the timing, right buyer, and Joey’s ability to reach out and speak to the perfect investor for our property all came together swimmingly.His negotiating skills and marketing genius combined to get us our desired price and resulted in a thrilled buyer making a smart investment that now is paying off as a result.

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